Animal Capers is a total WILD experience where you get to handle your own selection of awesome animals in a truly unique and intimate experience. This amazing animal encounter will add a very special edge to your party or event with a display that NO ONE will forget!

Animal Capers is designed to take the hard work out of entertaining and will come to you with tame and friendly animals, day or night - inside or outside.

You can personalize your Animal Capers experience by selecting animals of your choice.

Some ideas perfect for an Animal Capers event includes: Birthday parties, Christmas parties, school programs, kindergartens, child-care centres, play groups, aged-care visits, fetes & fairs, conferences, weddings and shopping centre appearances. Animal Capers is only limited to your imagination.

Specialty requirements are also on offer. For instance, Animal Capers is perfect as a birthday gift that guarantees a distinctive party that will be hard to match. Create a wild photo session or cast our animals for a movie. If you can think of it we can do it.