Animal Capers was established in 2002, by Jodie who has worked in a variety of Zoos and Aquariums in Australia, and undertaken various TAFE courses in this field.

Jodie is helped with Animal Capers by a team of wonderful Volunteers who provide you with a friendly and safe environment when interacting with these amazing creatures.

The animals are tame and people friendly which makes the experience a delight.
Some of the animals are hand raised thatís why they are so tame and friendly.
Jodie has a specialist permit to keep these unique animals which is obtained through National Parks and Wildlife Services.

Animal Capers is run from a 10 acre property south of Adelaide, which has no mains electric and relies on solar and wind power. This makes it hard to heat the reptiles during winter but they get first priority above us humans.
All the animals are housed in their own enclosures on the property.

Contact Animal Capers on:


Phone: Jodie on (08) 8557 4240 or 0423 106580

Mailing address:
Animal Capers
C/o Sellicks Beach Post Office
Sellicks Beach SA 5174

About Jodie

Jodie grew up on a dairy farm in N.S.W. At age 11 years old she started working weekends and school holidays at Bullenís Animal World in N.S.W Then after Jodie left school at age 16 she started working in a Nursery where she undertook a course in horticulture. After 4 years Jodie left and started working on a Crayfish Farm growing crayfish for the aquarium and food industry.
2 years later it was time for a change and Jodie got a job at Sydney Aquarium as an Aquarist looking after the aquariums which included Scuba Diving and feeding the aquariums sharks and caring for a variety of other aquatic species.
After 3 years Jodie started at Targona Zoo as a Zoo Keeper where she worked with a variety of animals, including the free flight bird show. During this time Jodie undertook a Zoo Keeping Course and other animal orientated courses.
After 6 years Jodie moved to South Australia and started working at the Adelaide Zoo as a Zoo Keeper which included testing her hand raising skills. Hand raising various animals including being one of only a handful of people who has hand raised and trained 2 Asian Small Clawed Otters (Kaos & Mayham) in Australia.
3 years on Jodie started Animal Capers after recognizing a need for children and adults to be able to interact with animals. This helps adults and children to again a better understand and appreciate animals and the environment in which they live.

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