The Animal Capers Olive Grove is a property at Sellicks Beach established in 2004. The Olive Grove and property use environmentally friendly products and runs on solar and wind power, minimizing damage to the environment and the animals that make the property their home. Olive Grove is home to wonderful animals like the Barn owl, Bandicoots, Possums, Bettongs, Lizards, Frogs and many more native animals.

All these animals are used as a mobile educational tool that visit schools, kindergartens, pre-schools, child care centres, playgroups, conferences, fairs, fetes, birthday parties and almost any occasion you can think of.

Traveling around South Australia with these unique animals gives people the chance to have a unique encounter with some very amazing native animals. This experience gives people a better understanding and appreciation of our animals and the environment they live in.

The profits from the Olive Grove, goes back into the care and up keep of these unique Australian Animals.

Olive Grove Price List

VolumesKoroneiki Olive Oil Mediterranean Olive OilBlend of Olive Oil Kalamata Table Olives
250mls$5:00$5:00$5:00 -
750mls$10:00$10:00$10:00 -
1 litre$15:00$15:00$15:00 -
2 litre bottle without a oil pourer$20:00 $20:00$20:00-
200gm Jar---$3:50
*Prices subject to change without notice

Inquire about larger amounts of 20 litres and more of Olive Oil

We can deliver - inquire when you place your order by ph: 85574240

What You Need To Know About Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Is high in antioxidants and essential vitamins
  • It has been shown to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and prevent heart disease
  • It can be used in salads, or used with bread and Dukkah.
  • It can also be used for frying, baking, in fact any kind of cooking that doesn’t cause the oil to smoke which is at a temperature of 183ºC.
  • Olive Oil can be golden or a greenish in colour this has nothing to do with the quality of the oil. It should matter how it smells and tastes.
  • The oil should exhibit fresh fruity flavours like herbs, tomatoes, grass and apples. Some oils have a smooth buttery or a hint of pepper taste.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made by cold pressing the olive fruit with no chemicals or heat used. That’s why it is so good for us IT”S NATURAL.