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Barn owl,Chinese silkie chicken,Tawny frog mouth, Australian kestral

Common brush-tail possum, Common ring-tail possum, Domestic rabbit, Fat-tailed dunnart
, Ferret, Northern brown bandicoot, Rufous bettong, Spinifex hopping mouse, Squirrel glider

Australian frill necked lizard, Bearded dragon, Blotched blue tongue lizard/skink, Carpet/Diamond python, Children's python, Common blue tongue lizard, Hosmer's skink, Knob-tailed gecko, Long-necked turtle, Mertens' water monitor, Short-necked turtle, Sleepy lizard/skink, Spiny-tailed monitor/goanna,Stimson's python, Water dragon

invertebrates and amphibians
Bird eating spider, Giant rhinoceros cockroach, Scorpion, Green tree frog, Spiny leaf insect, Water-holding frogs